About us


Your company’s premier tool. You define it, we create it.

Big industries can keep up with today’s technology requirements only with the help of perfectly adapted software solutions. We are problem-solvers by nature, so we gladly assume the responsibility of creating them.


Expectations are set to be exceeded.

One thing our experience in various environments has taught us is that client requirements are just a starting point. Whether we work with European companies, with enterprises from Japan or from the USA, we always like to develop long-term solutions which make cutting edge performances possible as of today.

Our story

We were always fascinated with the complexity of industries like construction, engineering and fabrication. We wanted to bring an important contribution to the developing world around us, so, in 2002, we brought together a quickly growing team of developers, testers and construction engineers.We closely analysed market needs and trends in industry sectors, envisioning all the long expected changes we could drive through our skills. We created a motivating and results-oriented work environment, soon identifying ourselves as one permanently improving system – a clever multi-tool which enables growth and progress through technology.

13 years later, we are just as excited as we were in the first day, constantly seeking state-of-the-art solutions to challenges which are more and more complex for our clients.

Professionalism has never been so exciting!

We believe in matchless expertise. We build long-lasting relationships based on mutual trust and respect. We work hard and celebrate our results to the fullest.

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